The Robert Adams Gallery is open from 10.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. 

Admission is free.

For more information about exhibiting please contact sara.railson@dacorum.gov.uk

Autumn/Winter 2019

The Art Shed and Friends    herts_open_studios

The Art Shed and Friends, is exhibiting at The Old Town Hall as part of Herts Open Studios 2019.  The art group is made up of four local artists who will be exhibiting paintings, collage and photography based on a range of themes, such as landscapes, people, portraits and animals. Selected works will be for sale.

Tues 3 Sept – Fri 27 Sept

Matt HattonMatt Hatton Art Work

Matt is an amateur. Although he has studied art in bits and pieces over the years, his biggest learning has occurred when experimenting. His subject matter is usually nature or natural things. Sometimes with an unnatural twist, depending upon his mood. He has been strongly influenced by Alphonse Mucha, Rembrandt, Art Nuovo, surrealism and light dusting of paganism. He always paints what his fancy takes him, sometimes he might draw and paint a hundred tree pictures until he quickly moves on to a botanical study or trying to capture how light looks on water.  It’s all about the moods, well, that and nature..

Tues 1 Oct – Fri 1 Nov

The Repair ShedThe Repair Shed

Turning someone's trash into someone else’s treasure. Decorative, functional or both. Members of the repair shed lovingly create all of these items from reclaimed materials. Keeping older people happier, healthier and active through making mending and learning. We also have the added benefit of keeping unwanted items out of landfill.

Tues 5 Nov – Fri 28 Nov

There's More to Life Than a PensionJen Image

Margaret Chalkly and Jenny Shaw are friends who have been painting for many years through local art groups.  They have found their passion increase as they have been able to give more time to it.  They take their inspiration mainly from flowers and nature, working in watercolour, acrylic and oils.  They now want to share some of the joy they have found in producing art with a wider audience.

Tues 2 Dec – Fri 3 Jan